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CreditLibrary.org was designed to supply information about credit, who's approving and denying credit, the various credit laws, as well as information about collection agencies. The law section is broken down for easy viewing and easy access to exactly what you want to research or read about. CreditLibrary.org was also created to give you an insider view or information about lenders through our database, this information includes: what type(s) of credit and/or credit scores are getting approved or denied, which credit reports a particular lender typically pulls, and with that and other information, we think a savvy viewer can use this to pinpoint the best lender to apply to. We also added a database for collection agencies. This information gives you an insider view on what deals are being made, for example, whether a particular collection agency is offering or willing to accept pay for delete agreements, willing to settle accounts for less, and if so, how much of a discount are they offering... All of this info is "user input" meaning you can input information about your own experience with a lender or collection agency. If you would like to view or even submit information about your experience with a lender, you can do so by going to our Approvals and Denials page, or if you have or had experience with a collection agency, you can submit information about them by visiting our Collections page.

The more info in our database, the more helpful it is to everyone viewing it. We started this concept in December of 2009 and this site has been up since January 2010. That being said, the amount of info in our databases was 0 to start, but we are confident everyone who comes across this site will like our vision and concept, add or submit information and more importantly, find it beneficial.

If you think we should add something, look into making any changes, or if you see any changes in laws that we simply missed, feel free to let us know by contacting us.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you found everything you were looking for!

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