Credit Repair

Here we'll go over ways you can improve your credit yourself. Improving your credit may never be as important as it is today, especially with the credit crisis that's going on now. What once was considered a good credit score is now considered a risk and what once was considered a fair score is now considered too risky to approve. Repairing your credit doesn't have to be difficult if you know a few things about it. The lender, collection agencies and even the credit bureaus do not want you or anyone to think it can be done or at least easily, but it can. We broke things down into manageable sections where you shouldn't get overwhelmed with legalistic terms and everything is explained in a fairly simplistic way. We've eliminated some options that are still used today but typically with limited success, for example, flooding a collection agency with disputes, threats of lawsuits, followed by more disputes and lawsuit threats. This just isn't the best way to improve your credit in most cases. The debt doesn't go away, it just gets the collection agency to stop reporting it (if the threats work). They could still sue or garnish your wages and having a judgment isn't going to improve your credit. Our credit repair guide will show you how to remove the bad debt permanently, and when that happens, your score will improve.

Credit repair shouldn't be as hard as some people make it out to be. It can be done by talking to the collection agency, but if they're not easy to work with, we'll show you how to do everything by mail. We've also included a few links within our credit repair guide to further assist you. This includes various credit laws that are designed to protect you, possible future laws you can use to your advantage when trying to get negative accounts deleted from your credit reports and much more.

The key thing to remember is - stay positive and don't be guided by fear. There's plenty of things you could fear with the markets being unstable, high unemployment, home values dwindling, and an overall rough patch in the economy, but fearing the current situation isn't going to help, it's you who has to take control of your own finances. There's no bail out for you, but hopefully we can provide some guidance on how you can improve your credit and financial situation. The good news is, there are options and help out there to help you turn things around and we'll do our best to give you all options. Once your finished reading through our credit repair guide, you can click over to our money manager for additional information on improving your financial situation. If your credit is bad and you're on a tight budget, the last thing you need to do is pay money for information on how you can improve your credit score or financial situation, so like everything within our site - it's completely free!

Credit Repair Guide with short descriptions:

Start Repairing Your Credit - The start of any credit repair process involves knowing what's in each credit report.

Credit Report Info - Researching the info within each credit report, finding incorrect and negative information.

Negative Info - How to get negative info and/or negative accounts deleted from your credit report(s).

Rebuild Credit - Once you have the negatives gone or at least began the process of repairing your credit, you'll need to start rebuilding your credit history with positive accounts.

Debt Solution - If you're in an immense amount of debt and looking for insight on what to do, read the pros & cons on debt management plans and debt settlement programs.