Credit Repair Services

Credit repair companies typically do the same things you can do yourself for free or at worst, nearly free.  However, we have posted a few credit repair companies, which are fairly popular and reputable below. We did this for folks who simply can't commit the time needed for improving their credit or for folks who just do not want to go through the hassle. Please be aware that there are multiple scam "credit repair" companies out there. Do your homework on any particular company before signing up. Below, we have listed a few of the few reputable credit repair companies, most of the ones below require little to nothing up front. Typically, you pay monthly, 1 upfront fee, or a combination of the 2. In some cases (though rare) you can pay per performance or per each negative account deleted.. None of the companies and/or services offered below have been used or tested by us, but based on our research, the ones below seem to have good success and reputable to do business with. As a reminder, you can read our free credit repair guide here.

As the most well rounded, effective and affordable credit repair and debt relief service anywhere, My Credit Group has been helping customers get back on the right track for more than 10 years. We offer programs to repair your credit, lower your debt, establish new credit and qualify for home loans, all through one-on-one coaching and 24/7 support.

Sky Blue Credit Repair offers an impressive program that includes everything you need to improve your credit, all for a single low monthly fee. The Sky Blue program includes credit bureau disputes, debt validation, and comprehensive counseling services. The Sky Blue Credit Repair program is ideal for anyone interested in real and lasting credit improvement. Definitely worth looking into!