Cards for People with Fair Credit

For those of you who have in between "Excellent or Good Credit" and "Bad Credit" - A "Fair Credit ~ Credit Card" could be what you need. Below we have a list of cards geared towards people with that in between type of credit score. Typically, a fair credit score ranges from 630-640 fico score to 680-690 fico score. If you have fair credit, and get approved for a card, you can work on improving your status to good or excellent credit. The standards for receiving an approval (from the offers listed below) isn't as tough as "good credit - credit cards", but you also don't have to deal with the higher fees or higher rates you typically face when you have bad credit. Feel free to check out the good and bad credit - credit cards, but you may be better off with one of the options below.

Our Fair Credit - Credit Card List

Rewards Cards:


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