Money Manager

Managing money efficiently is essential to anyone's future, and depending on your income and debt, it can be anything from knowing what to do with the money you have left over each month to figuring out how you can save something at all each month. Budgeting and credit worthiness usually go hand in hand, as soon as your monthly debt obligations meet or exceeds your income, a credit score drop is likely to follow. If your minimum monthly payments are catching up to your income, now is the time to make a budget and stick to that plan. We'll be going over different options under our money manager - from budgeting to different saving options with pros & cons on each option. If debt has become a serious issue, to the point where you may need counseling, visit our debt solutions page to weigh the pros and cons of various types debt management services.

Money Management Guide

Budget Plan - Why plan a budget, what to take into consideration, how much should you aim to save and much more.

Budget Planner - Print out our budget planner, fill it in and you're set. Now just stick to it!

IRA Plans - Pros & Cons to Traditional & Roth IRAs, requirements, restrictions and much more.

Set a Goal - Setting short term and long term goals in a non frustrating setup will help you on the road to achievement. We'll show you how!

Pay Down Debt - Some insight on how you can get out of credit card debt by coming up with a plan & budget, sticking to it, and rather than years later, you could be debt free in months.

Something to think about...
Thanks to our national debt, we (citizens of the USA - population around 308,027,000) are about $42,000 in debt (not counting the debt we are personally in), that's everyone - every man, woman & child.