Cards for People with Bad Credit

There credit cards are available for people with bad credit of which you have multiple options. The best option is a secured credit card! Secured credit cards are just like any other unsecured card except the issuing bank requires you to deposit money (typically into a savings account) which is used as collateral. In some circumstances, the lender may return your secured deposit or give you unsecured credit limit increases over time, provided you have a good payment history with them. There are several possible benefits to getting a secured card; some of those benefits include:

* Guaranteed Approval
* No Income Requirements
* No Job Requirements
* No Credit Score Requirements
* Some Secured Credit Card Companies won't even do a "Hard Pull" on your Credit Report
* Some Report Monthly to the Credit Reporting Bureaus
* You can build a Positive Credit History (provided you make timely payments)

Our Bad Credit - Credit Card List:

Secured Cards:

Pre-Paid Cards:

RUSHCARD Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Get the convenience of a credit card without the debt

Silver Mastercard Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Horizon Gold Card